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couponak.com Brings you the best places to dine, shop and visit at a fraction of the cost.


Because - like you - we love a good deal.

Our staff is a experienced team of energetic people from diverse backgrounds, and they are keen to help you save some money and have some fun. couponak.com is made up of people who have ideas on how to beast treat a customer…

We Only Feature Products and Services Worth Buying. Anyone can find a great deal. But not everyone can find a great deal on something they really want. Because couponak.com features only top-rated businesses offering unbeatable prices, we want you to feel comfortable knowing you’re getting the best deal with couponak.com

We Treat You Like A Person:

When you talk, couponak.com listens. From active monitoring of our discussion boards and customer engagement on Twitter and Facebook, to prompt replies to customer e-mails and phone calls, couponak.com talks back.

If you need to contact us, we’ll work with you to remedy any situation. Email us at info@ couponak.com

Our Mission:

to bring the best deals directly to you and your friends, every day. We're all about group buying, and hope to nurture a community of people who want to pay less and experience more - people just like you.

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